Marquis® portable hot tubs are designed to provide you with The Ultimate Hot Tub Experience!™ Aside from refined beauty, each spa features advanced hydrotherapy and powerful performance. Whether you want all the unique features imaginable, or want to include the specific features you desire, you're sure to discover the perfect portable hot tub to fit your individual lifestyle!

The Euphoria™ hot tub comfortably accommodates a crowd with seven generous seats. Sink into the extra deep therapy seat and get a whole body massage, including wrists. Or catch the extreme leg massage in the Captain's chair – there's a seat height for everyone. One of the most unique aspects is the whirlpool therapy system - relax with passive therapy or move to massage all the hard-to-reach areas such as the chest and arms. Total relief is pure Euphoria™.

Did you know that Marquis hot tubs are built in the heart of Oregon, home of the "green" movement, built in the USA? That explains our dedication to energy efficiency and our attention to our green initiatives.

The Signature Series

A hot tub by Marquis is pure relaxation, connection and therapy - everything you need in one powerful, gorgeous portable hot tub package! It will bring you years of enjoyment and enhance your physical, mental and emotional well-being. If you are an athlete, have sore muscles, want to relax, sleep better or are just seeking escape from the daily grind, you owe yourself the ultimate hot tub experience by Marquis.


​ 5 Person Hot Tub 82 Jets


​5 Person Hot Tub 65 Jets

The Euphoria

​7 Person Hot Tub 58 Jets

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The V94 hot tub is a virtual giant: 94 inches square provides all the room you need: Whitewater-4 jet delivers a volcanic eruption of exhilarating therapy: Add the 40 Jetpods, dual two-speed pumps and you have one dynamic hot tub engineered for a crowd!

The Wish

​ 5 Person Hot Tub 50 Jets

The Promise 

​6 Person Hot Tub 46/48 Jets

The Reward​​​​

​6 Person Hot Tub 58 Jets

The Rendezvous

2 Person Hot Tub 14 Jets

The Spirit 

​3 Person Hot Tub 32 Jets

The Mirage

​4 Person Hot Tub 3​8 Jets

Owning a Marquis is easy. Let us show you how painless it is to ease into the best hot tubs on the market today.

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